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For about 8 years now, exactly since June 1996, we have given our knowledge and skill on the field of metal cutting machine tools to our noted customers.

After being employed by Droop & Rein, a manufacturer of machine tools in Bielefeld that went bankrupt in 1996, we started to run our own company.

As we got much experience while working for Droop & Rein, we are familiar with the handling of big milling machines as well as with their mechanic in general.

Since our company has been founded we have further carried out service work to machines of the following manufacturers:

Droop & Rein, Heiligenstaedt, Bohle, Waldrich-Siegen, Waldrich-Coburg, Okuma, OKK, Toshiba, SNK, Sachmann, Depo, ZPS, Micron, DMG, Huron, Innse, Fil, Zayer, Rambaudi, Wotan, Scharmann, and many more.

We offer the following range of services:

Dis- and Reassembling: the move of machines (no matter of which size)

Retrofitting: general or partial overhaul

Repairs: milling heads, milling spindles, ball screws

Rotational Maintenance: Check and Clean, adjustment of adjusting wedges measurement of backlash, geometrical check

Recallibration of machines’ geometry: adjustments, if necessary change of the worn slideway, scraping works, geometrical measurements, laser measurements, re-grinding of toolholder cone on the machine, control of the pulling power of toolclamping by mode of Kelch

Hydraulic: units, repairs of cylinders, pumps, tubes, etc.

By means of the great variety of machine manufacturers meanwhile we have got in touch with various CNC-control systems. For this kind of service we like to procure our specifically trained partners. As laser measurements are concerned we do this as well.